The project includes a cultural and training path on the sustainable regeneration of the suburbs. The didactic and orientation workshops, for a total of 80 hours, will aim to strengthen some key skills of young people living in the area involved by the project, to counter their exclusion and marginalization and to develop new projects and initiatives aimed at enhancing local resources.

Educational objectives

Workshops of regeneration for the Madonie district constitute a cultural and educational path that focuses on the requalification of internal areas, understood as the urban and rural suburbs of the country.

The activation of the training course constitutes a step forward for the cultural experiences gained within the “MILLEPERIFERIE” network by the project team and the partnership.

Workshops of regeneration for the Madonie district will be activated online and will aim to: 

  • transfer theoretical knowledge to interpret the socio-economic transformation processes taking place in the internal areas of the country and affecting in particular the polycentric network of the Madonie, to understand how to make economic, social and environmental development compatible within a plural and participatory regeneration strategy;
  • consolidate the ability of learners to apply theories, methods and techniques for designing projects and plans enhancing local resources (e.g., environment, monuments, art and traditions, food and wine production, tourist hospitality).