• 2.1 Drafting of I ART Madonie publication 

The publication will mainly focus on urban redevelopment of the suburbs through art and culture, in view of defining an innovative urban regeneration model that will take into consideration concrete cases, best practices, theoretical and experimental models at international level.

Particular emphasis will be given to the regeneration of small villages as peripheral systems of Metropolitan Cities, currently at risk of depopulation and in need of adequate attention and enhancement actions.

I ART Network will also activate the “MILLEPERIFERIE Board”, a panel of experts in urban regeneration, with particular reference to peripheral contexts.

In particular, the members of the board will perform the following tasks:

  1. formulate guidelines for the “call for papers”. As part of the Call for Papers, articles on interventions carried out in the suburbs may also be acquired (and therefore published);
  2. analyse and select the proposals of the Call for papers for their publication in the online magazine MILLEPERIFERIE within I ART Madonie project;
  3. draw up the Manifesto for the regeneration of the suburbs of Europe, which will flow into the online publications;
  4. draw up contents that will be included in the “Call for Papers” and in the publication. These contents will be aimed at formulating a model of urban regeneration of the European peripheries, starting from small villages;
  5. Participate in the seminars organized by the project as speakers.
  • 2.2 Awareness: I ART event and dissemination

The seminar represents the moment of dissemination of I ART project and presentation of its activities; it took place on October 14th, 2019. During the seminar, the national MILLEPERIFERIE network was launched and it was attended by dozens of representatives of public bodies from all over Italy.

  • 2.3 Participation in trade fairs, conferences and events for I ART promotion

The activity is carried out by the general management and by project leader and includes participation in trade fairs, conferences and events for I ART promotion. 

  • 2.4 Activation of the international network

This activity consists in the involvement of relevant institutions of contemporary art for international networking activities, e.g. the most active bodies in the field of art, urban planning and redevelopment at local, national and international level, international festivals, projects financed by the “bando periferie”, universities and research institutes.