The recent history of the West is characterized by the continuing domination of a material dimension. Materialism and monetization are set in the modern and contemporary society, where reigns the extreme fragmentation of knowledge, specialization of occupations and activities aimed to obtain same forms and consumer products economically competitive.

I Art is the affirmation of diversity, as free expressions of unique being, also authentic and self- determining. It starts from the declaration of independence from each obligation or academic, commercial standard, from the positive value of the refusal of predetermined, pre-packaged forms enforced by smoothing volitions.

Exaltation of the idea of universality as unity and diversity. It is abhorrence of passivism consumerist, democratic assertion that each one, respecting his freedom and happiness, must choose his own forms, create them and be the benchmark of artistic creations and production. It is also the affirmation of new interdisciplinary languages celebrating original forms of genius loci and communities’ identities.