Everyone is called to give an authentic form to his actions (as expression of his tastes, personalities and visions) and to dig up the invisible core of truth, to live it and reveal it. Every community and every place, also, are the expression of their history, traditions and culture and it is our responsibility to recognize them, respect them and make them alive.

Each person, as well as each community, is a system of values, memories and components that make it unique. In this way the style of shapes should be unique and multiple. Contemporary generations know and collect messages of the past cultures to internalize for projecting into the future with a sense of

Contemporaneity is the last point in the history timeline, the time of synthesis that cannot be isolated but manneristically connected in a progress of values and cultures.

Then I-Art is an action of freedom, expression of identity according to contemporary aesthetic codes and exaltation of everyone and every community as unique and unrepeatable. I-Art is the show of the essence as an expression of shared truth, and only by browsing it, cultivating it and expressing it one is
free from the imposition of others form and one can enforce its essence as a condition of happiness.