I Art supports the overcoming of the partial views, of the contradictions universal-particular, material-immaterial, visible-invisible, soul-body, thanks to the awareness of their coexistence in total action in which they simultaneously occur as part of the same thing.

It promotes an equal vision of human components, between logic and instinct, rational and irrational, material and immaterial, supporting the integration of science, culture and art. The reason that becomes one with the instinct (Hegel), that becomes unpredictable, that can be free and give freedom (Beuys).

It proposes the integration among different forms of art, their composition in an open language that has got in it other languages, it is neo-trans-vanguard, in which there is a melting pot of different languages, not only pictorial but especially about the poetic of the action, the land art, conceptual art and other avant-gardist movements, to reveal new forms of living memory.